Post Reducer

Post Reducer Dome ( SS:42412A) inquire now
Post Reducer Dome ( SS:42412A)

Dah Shi designs stainless steel post reducer that is accurate, beautiful outlook, easy to install and precise made. One-stop production, hydraulic high speed punching machine and press machine for stainless steel sheets, pipe bending machines for tubes and pipes, etc.



  • Easily install.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Safe.
  • Product ownership
    • Branded product: Yes.
    • Buyer's label offered: Yes.
  • Sample purchase: Yes.


SS:1512ADia. 38.1mm24mmDia. 25.4mmt 1.5mm90mm
SS:2012ADia. 50.8mm25mmDia. 25.4mmt 2.0mm90mm
SS:33712ADia. 33.7mm28mmDia. 19mmt 2.0mm90mm
SS:40012ADia. 40.0mm31mmDia. 22.2mmt 2.0mm90mm
SS:42412ADia. 42.4mm33mmDia. 25.4mmt 2.0mm90mm
SS:48312ADia. 48.3mm33mmDia. 25.4mmt 2.0mm100mm

Order Information

Minimum Order:500 pieces

FOB:Keelung, Taiwan

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