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Dah Shi Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Taiwan, has been a globally renowned manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel stair handrail fittings for over 30 years. Dah Shi is made up of a team of innovative designers, creative artisans and experienced professionals, designing the most stimulating collection of stainless steel stair railing accessories for their prestigious clients as building materials. Their uncompromising attitude towards product innovation, client satisfaction and on-time delivery has helped them to earn the trust of innumerable clients spread throughout every corner of the globe, such as Europe, Central and South America, Africa, etc. In Europe, even with their rigorous quality requirements, Dah Shi has been able to penetrate the market successfully as a stainless steel handrail fitting expert.

With their wealth of experience, Dah Shi also provides customized fabrication of stainless steel handrail fittings. Every year, the Dah Shi team designs and develops more than 100 various stainless steel accessories for handrails to satisfy the market demands in different regions in terms of railing accessories' design, quality and functionality. So far, Dah Shi has accumulated more than 1,000 multiple railing components and fitting designs with plenty of sizes for buyers' choice; they are rail elbows, stainless flanges, rail adapters, ball fittings, slip on fittings, flush fittings, rail end caps, square fittings and rail brackets, etc.

  • handrail fittings for building materials
  • handrail fittings for building materials
Handrail fittins for living space

An acquisition of a large selection of stainless steel handrail fittings gives them the capability to competitively meet foreign buyers' needs. Every collection of stainless steel handrail accessory from Dah Shi is a piece of art, and they ensure their services are 100% satisfactory.

Dah Shi believes the return rates are the best measurement for their railing accessories reliability and performance, and their return rate is 0 due to their fabulous work. Along with their optimal production methods, great logistical efficiency ensures that customers receive top quality stainless steel handrail accessories, which all meet the highest international quality standards.

Dah Shi has a large inventory of their railing components and fittings in-stock to ensure immediate availability, and their new railing component catalog provides information on their over 1,000 different stair railing accessories are now available.
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    How does Dah Shi's Stainless Steel Accessories stay competitive?
  • Stair Handrail fittings are unique and logically designed with thorough considerations.
  • Handrail Assembling is easier and faster.
  • Tolerances between handrails and fittings are equally tight.
  • Every handrail fitting is strictly inspected with gauge.
  • Sophisticated work on polishing, grinding and welding.
  • Large Handrail Fitting Inventory for Immediate Availability.
  • De-wax casting- small batch production with great options.
  • Stainless steel handrail fittings are patented.
  • 0% handrail accessory return rate.
  • Reasonable price.
    Stainless Steel Railing Accessory Factory
  • Area: 4,686 sq.m
  • Location: Tao-Yuan Sien, Taiwan
  • Equipment: (1). Ultrasonic auto clean machine;  (2). CNC machine / Automatic lathe machine;  (3). Making handrail and bending pipe machine;  (4). The 200 degree oven for painting.
  • Product Lines: (1). Stainless steel fittings for round pipe;  (2). Accessories of handrails and balustrades;  (3). Metal building materials.
  • Store decorated area at Dominican Republic Airport
    Store decorated area at Dominican Republic Airport
  • Dominican republic mass rapid transit system
    Dominican Republic Mass Rapid Transit System
  • Russia auto trade show on 8th floor
    Russia auto trade show, all 8 floors
  • Venezuela exclusive department buildings
    Venezuela exclusive department buildings
  • Venezuela exclusive department buildings
    Venezuela exclusive department buildings - Eric Perez Lago Country
  • Venezuela exclusive department buildings
    Venezuela exclusive department buildings - Paola de Gallego
    Dah Shi's Stainless Steel Railing Accessories are everywhere. They are at :
  • Store decorated area at Dominican Republic airport
  • Dominican Republic Mass Rapid Transit System
  • Russia auto trade show on 8th floor
  • Venezuela exclusive department buildings
  • Every shopping cart drive way in the supermarkets in England
  • Store decorated areas at Dubai airport
  • Greece main stainless steel supplier for over 10 years

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