Stainless Steel Multiple Joiner

Ball Type Flush Joiner 5 - Way Tee Angle Adj. inquire now
Ball Type Flush Joiner 5 - Way Tee Angle Adj. ( SS:424100E-5)

Parts are to be put together, with easy and convenient assembling methods; no on the site welding, grinding, or polishing. The stall that Dah Shi is seeking is easy, convenient, and immediacy. Providing products make of various materials and surface treatment, able to meet the demands by the designers and the architects. The perfect combination brings you the delight of visual.



  • Easily install.
  • Nice appearance.
  • Safe.
  • Product ownership
    • Branded product: Yes.
    • Buyer's label offered: Yes.
  • Sample purchase: Yes.


Item No.ABCD
SS:322E - 5-1 1/2 inchDia. 38.1mm30.0mmDia. 56mm1.5mm
SS:322E - 5-2 inchDia. 50.8mm38.1mmDia. 74mm1.5mm
SS:337100E - 5Dia. 33.7mm28.0mmDia. 47mm2.0mm
SS:424100E - 5Dia. 42.4mm33.0mmDia. 60mm2.0mm
SS:483100E - 5Dia. 48.3mm37.0mmDia. 68mm2.0mm

Order Information

Ordering information

Minimum Order:50 pieces

FOB:Keelung, Taiwan

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